Pre-Employment Screening

Recruiters play a significant role in the search for skilled and motivated employees – an essential ingredient to every organization’s success.

In short, Pre-Employment Screening is the verification of professional and educational details based on information provided by job applicants with their full consent. It is recognized by Human Resources Managers as an integral component of an organization’s hiring procedures worldwide. Our primary goal is to support your organization in an independent manner during the selection of highly qualified employees.

As a German based provider of Pre-Employment Screening services, SIGNUM Consulting works in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act and the EU Data Protection Directive. Our verification process has been developed in cooperation with the Berlin Data Protection Office.

Through long-term experience and a consistent striving for improvement our Pre-Employment Screening service has been standardized by ISO 9001:2008 certification and the development of the software tool PreSc as well as a secure customer portal.

The implementation of Pre-Employment Screening in your recruitment process is easily achieved with the support of SIGNUM Consulting GmbH.

For further information please visit our Pre-Employment Screening website or contact us.

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Standard Screening

The Standard Service of Pre-Employment Screening entails the verification of information provided by the applicant in his or her Curriculum Vitae. The use of personal data and the screening of information provided in a CV are always carried out with the written consent of the person in question. Prerequisite for this procedure is the statement of consent signed by the job applicant.


Executive Screening

The verifications conducted within the Executive Screening are most suitable for the lower and middle management and comprise further detailed checks in addition to the Standard Screening. An assessment and recommendations based on the information obtained are supplementary included. To avoid reputational risks we recommend as well an open source media research.


Background Checks

Usually performed prior to a managerial employment decision, a Background Check aims to reduce and avoid economic risks or reputation losses resulting from poor recruitment decisions. This research is subject to strict discretion.