As an ISO-certified company we are a professional and reliable provider for international services.

Pre-Employment Screening

SIGNUM Consulting provides neutral and independent assistance during your personnel selection process.

Based on information provided by your applicants, and in compliance with Data Protection stipulations, we verify information that is relevant for the new position as provided on the curriculum of potential employees.


Pre-Business Screening

We obtain relevant business information as part of our Pre-Business Screening, before entering a contractual relationship.

The Pre-Business Screening includes our three steps solution approach in which we assist you realizing safe and sustainable economic activities.


Anti-Fraud Investigations

We assist you in countering data misuse, transport losses, trademark counterfeiting and detecting corruption signals.

With almost two decades of experience and through our international network of partners we are able to generate court-admissible evidence as well as documentation for further action.


Security & Risk Management

Taking (controlled) risks is sometimes necessary to ensure a company’s success – as far as they are handled consciously.

Therefore, SIGNUM Consulting offers our clients integrated solutions for the realization of penetration tests and security analysis to control your company’s risks.